The Society has started a Certificate in "Public Financial Management - International Practice" Programme. This is a comprehensive year long continuing education course for developing skills of PFM Professionals aspiring for International Practice as Public Financial Management Advisors and providing opportunities of continuous developmment to them. It aims at developing the Core Competencies required of an International PFM Professional in today's environment through a series of training inputs and knowledge resources. The Programme thus aims to groom existing PFM Professionals for assignments (Multilateral/ Bilateral) in an International Environment.

The Programme consists of Core Courses and Electives as follows:


  • Macro-economic Management
  • PFM Legal Framework
  • Role of Legislature in Budget Process
  • Coverage and Classification of the Budget
  • Budget Preparation and MTEFs
  • Budget Execution Process
  • Issues in Procurement
  • Treasury Single Account and Government Banking
  • Internal Controls and Internal Audit
  • Management of Government Revenues
  • Management of Fiscal Risks
  • Financial Management and oversight of Public Enterprises
  • Government Accounting
  • Government Financial Reporting
  • External Audit
  • Capacity Building – Issues related to Training Needs Analysis, Preparation of Training Material, Design & Delivery of Programmes, Monitoring and Evaluation.

ELECTIVE PAPERS (Only 2 to be taken):

  • Debt & Cash Management
  • Designing PFMA Act and Rules
  • Performance/ Program Budgeting
  • Integrated Financial Management Information Systems
  • Risk Based Internal Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessment