Code of Conduct

The Society adheres to an ethical code of conduct. The Society ensures that books and records accurately and punctually reflect the Society's transactions, assets and liabilities and adhere to a proper application of accepted accounting standards and practices, rules, regulations and controls. These commitments include the following:

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  • Business records, expense reports, invoices, vouchers, payrolls, employee records and other reports are prepared with care and honesty and in a timely fashion.
  • All transactions are conducted at the level of authority required by FMRRS policies and procedures and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • No transaction, asset, liability or other financial information is concealed from management or from the Society's auditors.
  • All efforts are made to resolve all issues and concerns raised in audit reports.
  • Any known inaccuracies, misrepresentations or omissions are disclosed to the customers and suppliers and promptly corrected through credits, refunds or other mutually acceptable means.
  • All documents signed are, to the best of knowledge, accurate and truthful.
  • False or misleading entries and unrecorded bank accounts, for any purpose, whether regarding sales, purchases or other activity, are strictly prohibited.
  • No secret or unrecorded cash funds or other assets are established or maintained for any purpose.
  • Unusual financial arrangements with a customer or a supplier (such as over-invoicing or under invoicing) are prohibited.
  • Access to sensitive or confidential information is restricted to ensure that it is not accidentally or intentionally disclosed, modified, misused or destroyed.

Alongside, due care is emphasized to ensure that each employee should avoid situations which may involve a conflict of interest. These include:

  • Ownership by an employee, or a family member, of a significant financial interest in an outside enterprise, which does or seeks to do business with or is a competitor of FMRRS.
  • Serving as a director, officer, partner, consultant or in any other key role in an outside enterprise, which does or seeks to do business with or is a competitor of FMRRS.
  • Acting as a broker, finder or other intermediary for the benefit of a third party in transactions involving FMRRS or its interests.
  • Using or disclosing, to the prejudice of FMRRS or for personal gain, any information on decisions, bids, plans or other matters concerning FMRRS as stipulated in this Code.
  • Any other arrangement or circumstance, including family or other personal relationships, which might dissuade the employee from acting in FMRRS's best interests.