FMRRS is thankful to its past Office Bearers – Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Other Members – for putting in enormous efforts. The Society in particular expresses gratitude to the following professionals:

  1. Late B.S. Thapliyal, Founder President
  2. Smt Aruna Makhan, Former President and a former CGA
  3. Shri V N Kaila, former CGA.
  4. Late S M Kumar
  5. Shri Arun Sharma, Former President
  6. Shri M. J. Joseph, former CGA
  7. Shri G.P. Gupta, former CGA
  8. Shri A.S. Chauhan
  9. Shri S.R. Shivrain
  10. Shri A.N. Bokshi
  11. Smt Usha Sehajpal, former CGA
  12. Smt Archana Nigam, former CGA
  13. Shri M Pran Konchady, former President, FMRRS