About Us

Financial Management Research & Resource Society (FMRRS) is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi. It was the shared vision of serving as well as retired members of the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS) to create an institution – a center of Excellence in the sphere of Public Financial Management. FMRRS has a reservoir of knowledge and experience in all matters relating to Financial Management.

The strength of FMRRS is its vast pool of acclaimed professionals. The members mainly constitute senior serving and retired ICAS officers who possess in-depth experience of public financial management at national and internationals levels. Members have experience of working with International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other International organizations. Besides, FMRRS has on its roll professionals from diverse fields such as chartered accountancy, cost accountancy, audit, administration, investment banking etc. Late B.S. Thapliyal, ICAS was the "Founder President" of the FMRRS.

Over the years, FMRRS has taken lead in nation building by conducting extensive training programmes for seamless implementation of Good and Services Tax (GST) that is often dubbed as the biggest Indirect Tax Reform in India.

The core competence of FMRRS is in the areas of IFMIS (integrated financial management information system), monitoring and evaluation, treasury management, budget management, public–private partnerships, capital restructuring, internal audit and capacity building.

FMRRS has started ‘FMRRS Award for Excellence in Public Financial Management’ to honour exceptional contributions in the field of Financial Management

FMRRS is launching an online course in "Public Financial Management. The main objective of the Course will be to upgrade skills of the PFM professionals to position them to effectively discharge their responsibilities in national, bilateral or multilateral institutions. As an outreach activity it is also in the process of launching chapters in India and abroad.

Our Team

Sanjeev Mishra

Dr. Sanjeev Mishra

PRESIDENT | Former ICAS and IES officer


J P S Chawla

Shri. J. P. S. Chawla



Shri V.N. Kailais

Shri V. N. Kaila



Shri V.N. Kailais

Vikas Chandra Karol