Research Council

A Research Council has been set up in FMRRS with following as Members:

  • Shri P.D. Khemani
  • Shri Sandeep Saxena
  • Prof. Pranab Banerji
  • Shri Vijay Ramachandran
  • Shri P.R. Jena
  • Prof. J.D. Agarwal
  • Shri S.K. Mishra
  • Shri Sunil Soni
  • Shri V.N. Kaila
  • Shri G.P. Gupta - Convenor
  • More members are being inducted in the Research Council as its total composition is going to be fifteen.

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Some of the topics which can be taken up for Research are:

1. Fiscal Deficits – the experience of Greece.
2. Controlling Fiscal Deficits
3. Areas of expenditure which need scrutiny and pruning.
4. Measures for improving expenditure control and management.
5. Improvements in the legal framework and changes in General Financial Regulations.
6. Improvements in Project Appraisal/ Implementation.
7. Area of Subsidies and User Charges.
8. Improvements in Service Delivery.
9. Expenditure reform strategies.
10. GIFMIS implementation in States and lessons learnt.
11. Comparative Study of Monthly Reports of different Ministries and suggested Improvements.
12. Monthly Fiscal Reports - Suggested Improvements.
13. Development of Transparency Portal (Expenditure Information Network).
14. Comparative Study of Internal Audit Manuals of the States / different countries.
15. Assisting in bringing up to date the commercial accounts maintained by many commercial departments/ offices of the government on proforma basis.
16. Comparative study of IFMIS in the States/ different countries.
17. Comparative study of Budgeting Systems in the States / different countries.
18. Comparative study of Financial Regulations in the States / different countries.
19. Duties and Responsibilities of the Chief Accounting Authority.