Research Council

A Research Council has been set up in FMRRS with following as Members:

  1. M. S. Sahoo, Former Chairman, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  2. V Trivedi, Economist, former Secretary to Government of India and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  3. Vijay Ramachandran, PFM Adviser and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS
  4. Tej Prakash, former IMF’s Sr. Economist, International PFM Adviser and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  5. Divya Malhotra, Former Addl. Dy CAG and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  6. Arun K Jha, Former DG, National Productivity Council and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  7. R. P. Singh, former DG, Police and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  8. S K Mishra, Former Dy. Managing Director SBI and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.
  9. Arun Srivastava, International PFM Adviser and Distinguished Fellow FMRRS.
  10. Professor Devendra Pathak, Economist and Distinguished Fellow, FMRRS.

President, FMRRS is the Convener and member Secretary of the Research Council.

Areas of interest are:

  • Containing Fiscal Deficits
  • Public Private Partnership Projects.
  • Disinvestment of PSUs.
  • Expenditure control and management.
  • Improvements in the legal framework relating to Finance Sector.
  • Improvements in Project Appraisal/ Implementation.
  • Subsidies and User Charges.
  • Improvements in Service Delivery.
  • Cost cutting strategies.
  • GIFMIS implementation in States
  • Comparative Study of Monthly Reports of different Ministries and suggested Improvements.
  • Monthly Fiscal Reports - Suggested Improvements.
  • Development of Transparency Portal (Expenditure Information Network).
  • Comparative Study of Internal Audit Manuals of the States / different countries.
  • Updating the commercial accounts maintained by commercial departments/ offices of the government on Performa basis.
  • Comparative study of Budgeting Systems in the States / different countries.
  • Comparative study of Financial Regulations in the States / different countries.
  • Corporate restructuring.